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Hypno_fertility, Parts 2 & 3

November 15, 2009

I went into my second hypno_fertility session feeling pretty good. I had been feeling pretty confident the first week or so after my first hypno_fertility session, but as I got closer to my IVF cycle, I was getting more nervous. We spent another hour discussing the various things I was worried about, namely my age and statistics. Ly.sni led me into hypnosis, going through my IVF cycle, through my pregnancy, and through the life of my child. She explained to me that it is important that the subconscious see the end result of what I am doing, even though right now I’m focused on getting through the IVF cycle.

I also got another CD from Ly.sni that had a short 15 minute guided hypno_fertility session. I liked this one better than the previous one she gave me since it was her voice and specific for fertility. I used this frequently until the next session, which was two weeks later. Since some of the other bloggers had recorded sessions from Ly.nsi, I asked her about this. She normally does not do this for her clients who she sees in person, but she would record my next session for me.

For the third session, I walked into the room, and there was a baby doll wrapped in a blanket on my big poofy chair that I sit in. Apparently, the last client had requested this, to have the image of holding a baby in her arms. I was intrigued, but it didn’t bother me. I was more worried about this annoying voice in my head telling me, “this isn’t going to work”. This was really bothering me, and I was worried about what I was doing to myself thinking this. I was also still having a hard time getting past the negativity of my age and the statistics that Dr. BloSun quoted me. One can not under estimate the power of what a doctor says to you. In the past, I have just found another doctor who would be on the same page as me, more or less. This time, I know that my options were limited, and I am happy to be given a chance to do IVF again. I know that I have to be my own cheerleader. I also have been talking in a way that I am going to retrieval and transfer, whether I am discussing this with my blogging buddies or with my nurses.

Whenever I thought about my age or statistics, I would try the “cancel” technique I read about in Ly.nsi’s book. When you have a negative thought or hear a negative suggestion, simply say to yourself “stop” or “cancel” and imagine drawing a big, red “X” through that thought in your mind. You can also imagine using an eraser or the delete key of your computer. “The goal is to use emotion and imagery to communicate with the subconscious,” Ly.nsi says in her book. I tried this, but it just wasn’t working for me, at least it didn’t seem to.

I also wanted to work on my fear of getting pregnant with multiples. I know that my past history has a role in this, back to my childhood. After reading Ly.nsi’s book, I was worried that this would be a subconscious block for me, especially considering my last pregnancy. Ly.nsi gives several fascinating case studies in her book on how our unconscious minds can turn off our reproductive systems. Ly.nsi and I talked about doing a regression hypnosis, but she felt like I did not need it at this time, and I agreed. In hypnosis, Ly.nsi always words things in a way that is positive. She said she would work with me on this by taking about my baby, not babies plural.

Before starting hypnosis, Ly.nsi hooked up a monitor to my hand. The monitor was a feedback mechanism to show how deeply I would go into hypnosis. The scale was zero to 7, with 7 being conscious and zero being able to go through surgery without anesthesia. Ly.nsi turned the monitor towards her, so I would not be able to see it during hypnosis. When we began, I felt myself go deep right away. I felt like I was floating on a boat, and it was actually making me dizzy. I figured this was part of going into hypnosis, so I went with it, though it scared me a little. As if Ly.nsi was picking up on my feelings, she described how the various states of hypnosis could feel. I could tell my conscious mind was trying to make sense of what Ly.nsi was saying to me. I think some of what she says is to intentionally confuse the conscious mind. I tried not to get too analytical into what Ly.nsi was saying, realizing that would be my conscious mind at work. I would let these things go, and go back to the floating sensation. She had a small-me check out my uterus, tubes, and ovaries. I visualized seeing seven follicles in my left ovary and five in my right. I also visualized a little me giving each one of my ovaries a high-five, and cheering them on! After a half hour, I felt my mind was very calm. I have to admit that it was a little dangerous to drive home in this trusting, relaxed state. Ly.nsi gave me the feedback from the hypnosis monitor. I went from 7 to 1 right away, and stayed at 1 the whole half hour of hypnosis. Ly.nsi said that some of her clients take a while to get down to 1, or they go up and down. She remarked that I must do a lot of meditation. I have done a lot of meditation in the past, but I can’t say that I have recently. It is easier for me to meditate with other people than by myself, so maybe that is why hypnosis is relatively easy for me.

I had used the hypno_fertility CD frequently in the last two weeks, and asked Ly.nsi if she had something else. I was getting a little bored with it. Ly.nsi laughed, and said that was the conscious mind speaking. The subconscious mind likes boring, simple, repetitive things. The conscious mind wants to spice things up, change things around. The conscious mind wants to have control. She described to me The Coue Method, in which this pioneering hypnotist came up with a really simple hypnosis statement saying, “every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.” I know, it sounds kinda cliche. Lots of other people tried coming up with complicated hypnosis techniques, but they found that this simple saying was the most effective!

She sent me the recorded session. I was surprised to find how many things I didn’t “remember” from it, at least in my conscious mind. I like this recorded session because it is customized to my IVF cycle, and beyond. It directly addressed the concerns I wanted to work on, and I think it has helped. I listen to it at night before I go to bed, or if I wake up in the middle of the night with my mind racing. I can say that those negative thoughts do not invoke the same fear in me, or they just do not pop up in my head at all. I think I am finally getting a handle on them, so that they do not control me. I also find myself replacing the negative with the positive suggestions from my hypno_fertility sessions, like visualizing more follicles in my ovaries and high-fiving them. I think I am getting the hang of self-hypnosis, which is really the power of positive thinking.

Next session is this Wednesday.

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  1. November 15, 2009 8:46 pm

    I love the idea of high-fiving your ovaries/follicles! If that doesn’t encourage them to produce produce produce I don’t know what will 🙂
    Thanks for the support–I’m working on Xing out my negative thoughts 🙂

  2. November 15, 2009 9:48 pm

    This is so interesting, and I’m glad that you’re sharing it with us.

    Nice affirmation!

  3. November 15, 2009 9:55 pm

    I like what you said about the power of positive thinking…

    I just listened to a story told by Deepak Chopra about some miners that were stuck in a mine shaft in Germany. Here is my paraphrased version:

    In the space the miners occupied in the collapsed mine shaft, they only had enough oxygen and were expected to live only six hours — and they knew this.

    Only one of the miners who was stuck in the mine shaft had a watch. He would let the others know when an hour had gone by (but tricked them and actually let two hours go by in between his “hourly” announcements).

    The rescue team found the trapped miners after 7-8 hours, and all of them made it — except the man with the watch. He could fool the others, but he was not able to fool his own mind.

    That, to me, shows the power of your thoughts…and how what you believe becomes your paradigm…and creates your world.

  4. November 16, 2009 9:51 am

    I do not believe that we can think/will ourselves pregnant. However, I do believe that our mental/emotional state affects our physical selves. And so I love that you are feeling more positive. 🙂

    I’m getting into town tonight and leaving the day after Turkey Day. Hit me up with an email regarding what might work for you as far as getting together!

  5. November 16, 2009 2:20 pm

    Hi Phoebe! I’m finally all caught up on your blog now that I have the password. I loved reading all about the hypnotherapy, I’m so glad it’s going well for you. I miss my sessions. Keep up the good work, know that you are doing everything you can and leaving no stone unturned. Can’t wait to hear all about your monitoring appts.

  6. November 16, 2009 6:46 pm

    Wow, this sounds so amazing and powerful! I am so intrigued with the idea of getting *past* what we know to what is actually possible. Boo to the shitty statistics and high five to those ovaries!

    I think you are amazing in all that you are doing with your mind and heart wide open.

    thinking of you,

  7. November 17, 2009 11:59 am

    I love the idea of fertility hypno-therapy – if only because IVF feels like such a crazy wrong thing to put your body through and it’s nice to have something to counteract that. In my acupuncture sessions I would listen to these sound-form CDs that were supposed to balance the two hemispheres of the brain, and even something as vague as that really did help my overall outlook about the whole process.

    Best of luck, and gives those ovaries a thumbs-up from me!

  8. December 15, 2009 3:16 pm

    Hey, I kind of lost track of you when you moved your blog. Sorry about that! Just wanted to stop in and say I’m thinking of you and wishing you well. Looks like you’re well into IVF #3. I so hope it’s going well.

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